Greg Collins

Greg Collins

Greg Collins

Managing Director

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Introducing Greg Collins, Managing Director and Property Expert at Vertical Property Group

Greg Collins is a seasoned property expert with over 30 years of experience in property investment and management. With specialized knowledge in various real estate sectors and a proven track record of success, Greg leads the Vertical Property Group team in providing exceptional services to an exclusive clientele.

Broad Expertise in Property Investment and Management

Greg has acquired extensive expertise in commercial, industrial, retail, and real estate development throughout his career. His skills span across acquisition, construction, asset disposals, project structuring, and client relationship building, enabling him to provide comprehensive services to his clients.

Customer-Centric Approach and Comprehensive Property Lifecycle Understanding

Greg’s customer-focused approach is effective in both corporate and creative sectors, working as a developer or principal advisor. He possesses a thorough understanding of the entire property life cycle, from sourcing properties to exit strategies and sales.

Impressive Track Record and Leadership at Vertical Property Group

As the Managing Director of Vertical Property Group, Greg leads a team of dedicated professionals catering to the needs of exclusive clientele. He has executed numerous real estate transactions across the Australian Eastern seaboard, Hong Kong, and Singapore, working with prominent institutions, developers, and multinational corporations such as MultiplexFraser PropertyAustralandCountry State, and Kimberly Securities Limited.

Strategic Planning, Market Analysis, and Client Relationship Management

Greg’s expertise in strategic planning, market analysis and research, client relationship management, team leadership and development, negotiation, and conflict resolution have been instrumental in delivering exceptional results for his clients and contributing to the success of Vertical Property Group.

Extensive Education and Experience in the Property Industry

Before joining Vertical Property Group, Greg held positions as an Executive Development Manager at Albany Creek Investment and a Sales Executive at Meriton Properties in Sydney. Greg has a Diploma in Business from Macleay College, a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Sydney, and a Business Planning and Accounting Management certification from Harvard Extension School.

Greg Collins: A Trusted Partner and Leader at Vertical Property

As Principal and Licensee in Charge of Vertical Property, Greg’s vast experience and expertise in the property industry make him an exceptional leader. His genuine, positive personal attitude, boundless energy, and disarming nature make him an excellent communicator and a trusted partner to his clients. Vertical Property is proud to have Greg Collins at the helm, guiding the company to continued success and client satisfaction. Read our reviews here.