Lynne Smith

Lynne Smith

Introducing Lynne Smith, Experienced Training Consultant at Vertical Property

Lynne Smith is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in real estate and software training. As a Training Consultant at Vertical Property, Lynne leverages her expertise to help our team optimize their use of real estate management software, ensuring a seamless transition and efficient operations.

A Long-Standing Relationship with Real Estate Software Training

With over 16 years of experience working in real estate software training, Lynne has become an integral part of the Vertical Property team. Her dedication to providing exceptional software training and support for real estate professionals has solidified her reputation as a trusted consultant in the industry.

Early Industry Experience and Expanding Expertise

Before joining Vertical Property, Lexie interned with various real estate agencies, gaining exposure to different aspects of the industry such as property listings, client relations, and marketing. This experience has provided Lexie with a strong foundation for her role as a Junior Associate and a growing understanding of the property market.

Experience in Real Estate and Trust Accounting

Prior to her role at Vertical Property, Lynne served as the Principal of LJ Hooker Lane Cove for nearly a decade. During her tenure, she gained invaluable experience in real estate trust accounting, general office administration, and payroll management using MYOB. As a licensed real estate agent, Lynne brings a comprehensive understanding of the industry to her training sessions, ensuring her colleagues at Vertical Property receive tailored and practical guidance.

Lynne Smith: A Valuable Asset in Real Estate Software Training at Vertical Property

Lynne’s wealth of experience in real estate, trust accounting, and software training make her a highly sought-after consultant within Vertical Property. Her commitment to delivering personalized training and her deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by real estate professionals make her an indispensable resource for our team, ensuring we can effectively serve our clients through optimal use of real estate management software. We are confident that Lynne’s expertise will continue to make a significant impact on the success of Vertical Property and the real estate professionals we serve.