Property Management


Vertical Living Day To Day Services

  • Rental appraisal of your property, backed by years of experience and an unmatched knowledge of the market.
  • Arrange general cleaning, rubbish removal, and any necessary repairs.
  • Effectively market your property via historically proven marketing methods.
  • Qualify prospective tenants through our rigorous selection process.
  • Complete detailed Residential Premises Condition Reports.
  • Preparation of the Residential Tenancy Agreement (the lease), for each tenancy.
  • Collect and lodge the bond with the Rental Bond Board.
  • We conduct thorough Routine Inspections throughout the Tenancy. And we are happy for you to accompany us at these inspections.
  • Invoice and collect from the tenants, payment for water usage.
  • If required, credit your funds fortnightly via direct credit into your account, which then provides cleared funds.
  • Obtain quotes and arrange for all types of repairs, including maintenance, plumbing, electrical, painting, roofing, gardening, fencing, carpentry work, tiling and floor coverings.
  • Monitor daily for rental arrears, and when necessary maintain ongoing contact with the tenant to ensure that payment is made and arrears kept to a minimum.
  • Constantly review and improve the methods available for tenants to pay their rent.
  • Check invoices and make payment of council and water rates, strata levies and other related expenses.
  • Prepare monthly a comprehensive, easy to read income and expenditure statement.
  • Regularly review, then negotiate and implement rent increases.
  • When the tenant gives ‘notice to vacate, conduct a pre-vacating inspection.
    This presents an ideal opportunity to arrange quotes for any on-going maintenance, and to inform the tenant of requirements for the end of tenancy inspection.
    This approach eliminates potential bond disputes arising at the vacating inspection, and helps to minimise the vacancy factor.
  • Provide expert advice, and prepare and present all cases before the Residential Tribunal.
  • Prepare yearly income and expenditure statements.
  • Provide regular newsletters, which provide useful information on relevant property management issues.
  • Provide dedicated telephone lines, which give property owners direct access to Vertical Living.
  • Provide prompt notification of any changes to legislation and/or regulations that may impact directly or indirectly on you.
  • Maintain modern, technologically advanced offices to enable the most efficient service possible.
  • And should you decide to sell, we can obtain a sales appraisal.

Why Vertical Living?

So what sets Vertical Living Apart from the rest?

Our Distinguishing Edge

We believe it’s the total package, a whole lot of things across the board that occurs partly as a result of being one of very few (if not the only!) property management specialists.

But, if we had to nominate a few of the more obvious factors, they would include:

  • Six Star Service
  • Intelligent, honest feedback and advice
  • A smooth leasing process
  • Highest Quality Tenants
  • Highest Possible Returns
  • We are committed to providing you with a level of service unmatched in the real estate industry
  • We maintain a large database of potential tenants for when your property becomes available, plus a high level marketing program
  • Personally escorted inspections – We do not hand out keys
  • We use well-defined operating procedures to ensure that you receive consistently great service
  • We communicate with you regularly to keep you fully informed
  • Monthly accounting direct into your bank account
  • We have zero tolerance for rent arrears
  • Prompt and courteous service.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Keeping owners informed, based on their priorities.
  • Skilled, dedicated, reliable, caring staff.
  • Expert tribunal representation.
  • Effective use of leading technology.

Why Choose Vertical Living to Manage your Property?

Why choose Vertical Living to manage your property?

  • Vertical Living has a full-time focus of:
    (1) Maximising the landlord’s income
    (2) Optimising capital growth, and
    (3) Skilfully representing the landlord
  • Vertical Living can act as a third party between the tenant and landlord, this gives the landlord a peace of mind that they will not have to communicate with the tenant on issues such as late payment of rent, negotiating rental increases and following up maintenance issues. Would you feel comfortable in pursuing the tenant if they got behind in rent? Would you feel comfortable to increase the tenant’s rent? Vertical Living can help! Sometimes having a third party to negotiate this on behalf of you can avoid conflict and unnecessary additional stress in managing the property.
  • Vertical Living understands the complexity of legislation requirements when issuing notices, preparing tenancy documents and bond disbursements. The inaccurate completion of documents and notices can be costly. Vertical Living will ensure inaccurate completion won’t happen.
  • Vertical Living can skilfully represent the landlord in court should the tenant breach their agreement.
  • Vertical Living can offer competitive maintenance rates due to the volume of work generated.
  • Vertical Living have access to prospective tenant databases to ensure that the property is rented in the quickest possible time.
  • Vertical Living know the market rent to ensure maximising your rental return.
  • Vertical Living have accessto ‘comprehensive’ Landlord Protection Insurance policies that are competitive in price, which are designed to mitigate finiancial loss against a tenant who defaults on their rental obligation or where damage is caused to the property.
  • Vertical Living know what to look for at a financial inspection and is experienced in negotiating with the tenant during the bond refund process.
  • Vertical Living can massage away all of your rental worries!
  • Vertical Living can often obtain a higher weekly rental figure to cover the management costs.